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Collapsible Security Gates

How to Utilise
Collapsible Security Gates
to Secure your Windows and Doors.

Collapsible gates are a type of security gate that retracts to open and close them. The word “collapsible” represents the way they conveniently conceal themselves in a very efficient way when opened. The mechanics of collapsible gates resemble the operation of a concertina. People are often familiar with collapsible gates in relation to older style of lift doors.

They're simply used for applications that require easy access to the opening after fitted; whether it be for escape precautions, cleaning of windows, or even simply to hide the presence of a grille or gate (they hide well behind curtains when open!). Often, after deliberated discussion with clients, it is common that collapsible gates are the preferred choice.

A particular benefit with the opening of them is that they are not hinged like a door. With this exception, they can often be installed in small spaces that are sometimes insufficient for a hinged door to fully open.

Due to the mechanical moving parts, collapsible gates are most suitable for indoor use or where there is sufficient cover from rain. They provide a good barrier at times in need of ventilation. Doors and windows can be left open while the gates can stay locked to prevent unauthorised entry.

Development Life Cycle for Collapsible Gates


The design of a window, its dimensions, and building features make each opening unique. The design of our collapsible gate per job is also unique, which gives us a greater deal of scope to meet requirements and ensure that security is not compromised.

A common problem of misconception about our gates is realising how much space the gate will consume when it is open - we call this “bunching”. Firstly, collapsible gates operate similarly to a set of curtains, so imagining this is a good start. Like a set of curtains, they can operate as a pair of gates that close and lock in the middle, or alternatively a single that opens and closes on one side only. Essentially, single gates provide the benefit of maximising space on one side of the opening when the gate is unlocked and open. A sliding patio door is a prime example: when open the opening is clear on one side, whilst the sliding panel and the fixed panel resides on the opposite side - typically consuming half of the opening. Installing a pair of gates would restrict the open area when the gates are opened, so installing a single gate that opens to one side provides greater freedom for the open section of the door. Neither option affects the price or security.

If you’re concerned about the amount of space our gates consume when open, we have developed a tool for you to use so you can calculate this yourself. All you need is the width dimension of the opening to find out.

Please note that estimated measurements of which are provided by this calculator are based on your provided width dimension. The results often change during manufacturing. This can depend on the individual gate, and variences in openings and fixings. PHR do not hold any responsibilty for the results of the calculations.


All of our gates are manufactured by hand, with the assistance of purpose built machinery and tooling to provide precision and consistency. The process is not automated because our materials are mostly calculated for each individual job. A visual example of this is displayed in our latticework. The size of our lattice is dependant on the height of the gate, and therefore makes it necessary for us to calculate each gate individually when manufacturing. This maximises efficient spacing.

The following image illustrates inconsistent lattice work, which has been manufactured accordingly to provide a consistent pattern along the top row of lattice, of which is a different size to the central gates bottom row of lattice.

Collapsible Gate With Different Lattice

Our collapsible gates are secured within a top and bottom track, which guides the smooth operation of opening and closing them. To restrict snagging, the gate travel on wheels that are positioned at the bottom. This can also help distribute and secure the load to reduce potential wear and tear.

The vertical picket provides the most significant structure to collapsible gates. The gauge thickness of this material in our gates is significantly thicker than other gates on the market, and this reflects their heavy weight.

All components, including the track, are galvanised to help protect against weathering. In addition to this, the gates are also powder coated for a smooth and durable finish.


The installation procedure of collapsible gates is usually quick. As a guide we average the installation time to 60 minutes per gate, but this is mostly determined by the fixing requirements.

To ensure the gates are installed securely we use a range of fixing methods, tools and procedures. We carry a vast range of fixings that are suitable for various different materials, although it is not uncommon for us to adapt the gates to fix into the strongest available source.

Pricing Procedure

As with all grilles, the price of collapsible gates is dependant on the size of the job. We can provide you with a fast, accurate estimate if you provide us with dimensions of the opening/s over the phone, or filling out our contact page. Alternatively, we can send you out a surveyor to take measurements and give you a quote on site.