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Homes, offices and industrial workplaces that seek aesthetically sustainable grilles should consider collapsibles for their folding gate style design.

They're often viewed as the most habitable grille because of their retracting lattice, which also isn't unpleasant when the gates are closed.

Selecting Collapsible Gates

When in the open, unsecure position collapsible gates utilise a minimal amount of space at the sides where they're folded away. This space can either be divided evenly as a pair of gates, or completely on one side as a single gate. Whichever the case the wider the opening, the larger amount of space is needed.

Info-graphic showing single collapsible gate retractable security grille.
Info-graphic showing pair collapsible gate retractable security grille.

Deciding a pair or single should consider maintaining the opening itself for safety, convenience and sustainability. All windows, doors and passages could be potential escape routes in an emergency. For example a window that has opening panels might benefit from maximising the available space for at least one opening panel. Most typical patio doors are a good example of this because they often only open on one side and benefit from having a single collapsible gate stacking on the fixed side to cause least obstruction to the fully opened section.

It is sometimes possible to extend the total width of the gate when there's space on one or both sides so the opening. This makes it possible to slide the gate open so that it stacks beyond the opening itself, maximising the total view/width of the window or door. Nevertheless, people are commonly surprised at the minimal amount of space they consume. Window or door frames often take-up a lot of the stack space before the glass itself.

Image Examples

Collapsible Gate in dining room area.

Collapsible Gate

Securing patio doors within a residential setting.

Collapsible Gate in pool area.

Pool Area

Installing collapsible gates between blinds and the door makes them always visible from outside.

Colapsible Gate covering window in London. Retractable grille, in closed position.

Window Maintenance

In many circumstances window grilles designed to open/close can often be left in the secured position. One common problem with fixed bars is access for cleaning. Even for this single purpose, collapsible gates make window maintenance simple.

Burglary prevention using collapsible gate for window. Window security gate not retracted.

Light Apertures

Daytime illumination from windows is not significantly impeded in dark rooms when collapsible gates are installed. Lattice spacing and materials are not as bulky as fixed grille types. The ability to open them easily also lends itself well to these circumstances.

Collapsible Gate for window in London. Window security gate not retracted.

View Grille Locked

When in the locked position our collapsible gate consumes little space on the base of a window or threshold of a door.

The locking mechanism is a very simple push-to-lock system, operated when the gates are in the secured position.

Collapsible Gate securing window in London. Fully retractable in open position.

View Grille Opened

As a pair of curtains divide evenly on each side, a pair of collapsible gates retract to divide the space needed evenly. This most often hides each stack of gate behind any set of curtains that matches the setup of the grille.

Collapsible gate retractable grille fitted for London window.

Adjustable Collapsible Gate Manufacturing

When every part is handmade and not constructed from mass stock components, Collapsible Gates can be adjusted in many different ways to suit many types of windows, bay windows and doors.

Gate Materials Used

Solid Steel Vertical Structure
Collapsible Gate Channelled Picket Section

No thin sections are used to secure the lattice. We use a 3mm thick solid steel channelled section on front and back to provide structure and strong resistance from attack. Thin materials offer a cheap and lightweight alternative for some manufacturers. Our vertical channel section is the thickest material avaiable of its kind and for extra durability it's also galvanised before painting.

Infographic showing thickness of phr collapsible gate steel section

Solid Steel Lattice Structure
Retractable Folded Section

Like our channelled picket, the solid steel lattice undergoes a special cold-rolled forming process to add structure, straightness and strength. No hollow or thin section is used.

As each gate is constructed in detail per opening, we make the length and positioning of lattice to suit each window or door.

Info-graphic showing thickness of phr collapsible gate retractable lattice steel section

Gate Stacking Calculator

To find how much space a gate will take up when it is open, just type the width of your opening and check the diagram. The height does not affect the stacking size so it's not necessary.

Note that selecting single or pair affects the overall stacking size. This only demonstrates single gates stacked on the left, but the size is the same if they're stacked on the right.

Measurements provided by this calculator must be use as a guideline only. Final measurements can change after planning, manufacturing and installation.

Collapsible Gate Products

Locks for Retractable Grilles and Collapsible Gates

Lock for Retractable Grilles

Suitable for our Collapsible Gate, this lock can be used to secure a wide range of shutters and retractable gates.

Available for purchase here online. See for more details.


Finish and Costing

As with each of our security grille and gate categories, powder coating provides the best process for finishing collapsible gates. This results in a very durable finish which binds well to the steel and leaves a smooth result.

Prices displayed online for stock based retractable grille solutions are misleading. It's easy to get a fast quote for a grille that is made for your window and provides precisely what you want at less of the cost.

If you have measurements of your opening (width & height), then thats all you need. Provide these through our quote form and we will respond promptly with a realistic price that almost always never changes after survey.

Alternatively, give us a call!