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Security Mesh Grilles

What, Where and When for Security Mesh?

Security mesh grilles offer a lightweight means of protecting glazed areas. Being typically lightweight, mesh grilles can be fixed to windows and doors with minimal hindrance to the operation.

Security mesh is an ideal type of protection for two situations. When installed on the outside, its primary method of defence would be to protect the glazed area from vandalism. Should someone try to break it with malicious intent, or even by accident (children playing ball games), the small aperture's in the mesh restrict objects from reaching the window to break it. When security mesh is installed on the inside of a window, it offers an effective barrier to prevent someone from reaching his or her hand through. The common example here is protecting a glazed area of a door where the lock can be opened from the inside without a key (night latches).

Mesh grilles can also be made into removable sections or hinged. This is relevant when installing mesh grilles to large windows where light can be reduced by the placement of mesh.

Pricing Procedure

As with all grilles, the price of security mesh is dependant on the size of the job. We can provide you with a fast, accurate estimate if you provide us with dimensions of the opening/s over the phone, or filling out our contact page. Alternatively, we can send you out a surveyor to take measurements and give you a quote on site.