Security Mesh Grilles for Windows
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Often one of the cheapest types of fixed grilles, security mesh grilles provide a good barrier of protection for a wide range of purposes.

Whilst not always considered the strongest types of grilles, they do have good use cases. If strength is of primary concern, you might want to check fixed bar grilles.

Mesh can be installed on a hinge or built with a removable feature, but be sure to look at collapsible gates first if this requirement is important for you as they are common for this purpose.

Purpose and Uses for Mesh Grilles

A fine interwoven wire style that offers smaller gaps compared to other security grilles, mesh grilles include a restrictive style of security to an opening. It is a good choice when you need to prevent access from objects or hands from passing through an area that needs protecting.

When installed externally, mesh offers a level of protection to prevent smashing of glass using medium sized objects. When installed internally the common purpose is to prevent access for operating locks on doors or windows. Both internal or external installation also offers a reasonably good level of generally preventing unwanted access.

Demo Examples

Mesh grille cage for window in london to protect against vandalism.

Square Caged Mesh Grille

Offering protection from vandalism whilst maintaining ventilation, a cage is created to allow a gap between the window and grille. Mesh cages can also be created on a larger scale to provide ventilated protection to a specific area, not just windows.

Security mesh grille in london, fitted externally to protect window glass.

Small Diamond Mesh Grille

Small diamond mesh grilles are made from an expanded mesh type. Expanded mesh is often the cheapest type because unlike weld mesh the manufacturing process is faster.

Welded security mesh grille for window in london.

Square Weld Mesh

Weld mesh is created from thick individual wires, spot welded at the intersected joins to create a square or rectangular pattern. It's one of the stronger types. Due to the process, it can be more expensive than expanded mesh.

Cutting Around Handles & Locks

Made to Measure From Basic to Intricate

Mesh grilles are a very restrictive method of protection. It is common that window handles or door locks are within scope of the grilles frame.

Due to the restrictive feature of mesh, we make our grilles to suit each individual opening rather than work with stock based products. It is common for us to manufacture 'cut-outs' in the frame of the grille to work around locks and ensure proper functional access is maintained for handles etc.

Protected Bar Grille Bolts

Finish and Costing

As with each of our security grille and gate categories, powder coating provides the best process for finishing mesh grilles. This results in a very durable finish which binds well to the steel and leaves a smooth result.

Prices displayed online for stock based mesh grilles are misleading. It's easy to get a fast quote for a grille that is made for your window and provides precisely what you want at less of the cost.

If you have measurements of your opening (width & height), then thats all you need. Provide these through our quote form and we will respond promptly with a realistic price that almost always never changes after survey.

Alternatively, give us a call!