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Security Bar Gates/Doors

What, Where and When for Security Bars?

Bar doors and gates are ideal solutions for either an additional barrier to an existing door or a single barrier to side alleys and pathways providing access control to your premises. Like all grilles bar doors can be installed internally or externally providing a secure barrier to prevent a potential intruder from gaining access to your property.

When installed in addition to an existing door, we design and manufacture our doors to compensate for any handles or letterboxes of which may prove to intervene with the operation of the door. In fact, it is rare that any door we install does not include some adaption to the standard architecture of the typical bar gate.

Our doors can be manufactured to incorporate additional grilles for side and above windows. A typical door which is installed over an existing barrier would be made from steel box section for structure, solid steel vertical bars (square or round) with the possibility of additional ornate design features. This allows the existing door to be opened before granting entry to a visitor by having the bar door locked to prevent a forced entry. They can also be manufactured using steel sheet. This is common in achieving the opposite effect by creating privacy and security to your property or to prevent an intruder from using the door as an aid in climbing over and into your premises. By using steel sheet or mesh, the door does not allow holes for feet and hands to use for climbing.

Pricing Procedure

As with all grilles, the price of security mesh is dependant on the size of the job. We can provide you with a fast, accurate estimate if you provide us with dimensions of the opening/s over the phone, or filling out our contact page. Alternatively, we can send you out a surveyor to take measurements and give you a quote on site.