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Like security bars for windows, bar grille doors are built from solid steel vertical bars within a hinged frame to offer a gated barrier to an existing door or to add access control to a passage or walk-through.

Whilst bar grille doors use steel bars to maintain visibility, steel sheeted doors canoffer a fully concealed alternative.

Whilst considering bar grille doors, you might want to also consider collapsible gates for their opening andclosing retractable lattice work.

Purpose and Uses for Bar Grille Doors

As an additional door, bar grille doors offer a good alternative to standard doorchains. Where door chains allow partial opening of doors to view visitors, bar doorsallow full opening of doors whilst maintaining a strong level of security and good sizedgaps for parcels etc.

As with all security grilles, leaving a door open with a bar grille door installedprovides a great method of ventilation. The gaps between bars can be built to provideaccess to cats and special adaptations can be built into the door for cat flaps. Allthese features also apply to walkthrough side passages and alleyways.

Demo Examples

Bar Door Grille in London hidden when closed.

Closed Bar Appearance

Bars within the steel door can be measured and positioned to match existinggrille pattern on door. This can reduce appearance, but can also reduce strengthwith security.

Bar Door Grille in London secured when door is open.

Bars Visible When Open

Additional bar door grilles can be a useful barrier for ventilation needs.

Door Bar Grille as additional door in West London.

Bar Grille Door

As an additional door, locking transoms are positioned to match existing doorsand letter boxes.

London based Bar Grille Door secured when door is open.

Bar Grille Door

A stronger, more reliable security measure to inspect visitors before they'reallowed access. Bar door grilles can be a good replacement for standard doorchains etc.

Sheeted Security Doors

A steel sheeted door provides both privacy and security. They provide full coverage of theprotected area and can be useful to prevent damage to an existing door, or installed as aprimary door.

We manufacture steel sheeted doors from a box section frame and weld the sheet to the hingeddoor. It is typically required to have a single sheeted door, but also not uncommon to have asheet on both sides.

Finish and Costing

As with each of our security grille and gate categories, powder coatingprovides the best process for finishing bar door grilles. This results in a very durable finishwhich binds well to the steel and leaves a smooth result.

Prices displayed online for stock based security grilles are misleading. It'seasy to get a fast quote for a grille that is made for your window and provides preciselywhat you want at less of the cost.

If you have measurements of your opening (width & height), then thats all you need.Provide these through our quote form and we will respondpromptly with a realistic price that almost always never changes after survey.

Alternatively, give us a call!