Harrow Crime Statistics

Crime Category No. of Crimes
Theft From Person
Other Theft
Vehicle Crime
Bicycle Theft

The information in the table shows live police crime statistics data for the Harrow boundary area as depicted in the map.

We have filtered data to provide theft related crimes. This is the most recent data available, and covers the time period shown above the table.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0.

Collapsible Gates

Collapsible gates are considered the most versatile retractable security grille option to choose for windows and doors and are very popular in Harrow and London. They're a great option for fire and safety compliance, and are often a preferred grille option for aesthetical reasons.

If permanently fixed grilles better suits your needs then check window bar grilles or window mesh grilles.

  • Thickest Materials Available
  • Individually Made, No Mass Stock Assembly Sizes
  • Push to Lock Mechanism
  • Fully Adaptable to Best Suit Windows & Doors
  • Minimal Bunching Space When Gates Are Open. Check Here!

Our collapsible gates are operated from a simple push-to-lock mechanism and are not built into the gate. If necessary, it is possible to change the locks for alternative types after they're installed.

We often install retractable security grilles for homes in the Harrow because they're a popular choice for the typical residential style of building here. We manufacture each individual gate by hand and have the capability to make specific adjustments to suit customers needs.

A bar grille is a type of security grille that consists of steel bars welded within a frame and fixed to a window with a primary purpose of preventing burglaries. There is no strict rule as to how they're made, there are some common design approaches for internal and external grilles in the Harrow area. You can find more information on that here.

  • Frame and Bars Constructed to Suit Window
  • No 'Shelf Stock' Product Solutions
  • Comply With Insurance and Safety Regulations
  • Decorative Features Available to Add
  • Cost Effective Production

Unlike retractable grille types, Bar Grilles are often the static grille option which is why they are commonly specified and used for strong, high security needs. It is possible to add removable/hinged features for safety purposes, but before considering this be sure to look into collapsible gates which are considered the most suitable grille for opening and closing. They can be made in various ways to suit a range of openings and installed both internally and externally.

A security grille with minimal gaps as it's main feature, mesh grilles are well applied to offer a restrictive form of access. Whilst offering a reasonable level of overall security, mesh grilles help prevent breaking glass and restrict objects or hands to pass through it's barrier. They're commonly used in Harrow as a vandal shield to protect glass.

  • Diamond Expanded Mesh in Different Sizes
  • Square or Rectangular Weld Mesh in Different Sizes
  • Security Mesh Caged Grilles
  • Manufactured Specifically to Suit Each Window/Door
  • Often The Chepaest Security Grille Choice

We can offer a range of mesh to suit a specification. As standard, we offer expanded diamond mesh and square weld mesh types.

Mesh is often used as a fixed grille solution, but it is of course possible to add hinges or removable framed sections.

As similarly described for security window bars, bar grille doors offer an additional barrier specifically for doors and other walk-through openings. To increase security to an existing door a bar grille door can offer some additional security features and provide a good extra level of protection. As an individual door it can offer a barrier to passages whilst maintaining visiblity and air flow.

  • Individually Made, Not From Stock Sizes
  • Insurance Approved BS3621 Lock
  • Manufactured to Match Existing/Additional Doors
  • Steel Artwork or Steel Sheeted Options Available
  • Great Additional Barrier to Doors

We manufacture and install our bar doors to include a british standard (BS3621) lock which is typically approved by insurance companies. Our standard locks can be changed at a later date and are reasonably avaiable for public purchase.