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By specialising in the manufacture and installation of security grilles and collapsible gates, we offer a diverse approach to delivering requirements that balance well across constraints in time and cost, whilst providing a high quality solution.

We purchase raw materials direct from suppliers to maufacure our own security grilles, bars and collapsible gates. With our weath of experience in manufacturing we understand our materials well, and the best way to source them. This keeps our prices low whilst providing a higher standard of quality and material with all our grilles and gates.

We simply make our own! This makes us efficient and versatile in all respects.

Our manufacturers and installers survey and measure, and they oversee the job from design to installation. They are your single point of call, and they will service you with integrity and a smile.

Using Security Grilles to Secure Windows and Doors
to Prevent Burglary

Securing Windows and Doors with Collapsible Gates

The main feature of Collapsible Gates is the ability to open and close them without consuming much space. When open, they're usually hidden by curtains and much of their stacking space can be hidden behind window frames and walls.

For fire and safety purposes, Collapsible Gates are are often favoured for windows and doors. Our gates are provided with a simple push button to secure and are made from the thickest materials available from suppliers.

Feel welcome to discover the high specification or our materials along with our value in price for collapsible security gates.

Securing Windows with Security Bar Grilles

A range of security bar grilles are available for securing windows both internally and externally. They're commonly made as a permanent fixture, but we often alter these grilles to add hinged sections with some locking mechanism built in for fire, safety and window maintenance purposes.

These are a great choice to consider when fulfilling insurance specifications and other high security requirements. As standard we manufacture bar grilles from solid steel whilst utilising a range of different stock materials to provide structure and design appeal. One basic approach is to manufacture security grilles to match window patterns, transoms and mullions to blend with the building architecture without compromising on security and strength. When installed internally we typically reduce the thickness of material, which is usually defined by the type of grille we offer.

Feel free to discover how flexible and helpful we are with options, and how efficient we are with the cost.

Securing Windows and Doors with Security Mesh Grilles

A lightweight means of securing openings in buildings, a common purpose for security mesh grilles is to protect windows and doors from damaged to glass, and prevent ojects or hands from passing through the smaller gaps that mesh provides.

A range of mesh is available including various sizes of square weld mesh and diamond expanded mesh. Generally, with variations of mesh, the larger the gaps the thicker the wire gauge of material. This means bigger gaps makes for thicker wire.

We welcome you to contact us to discover more about mesh and how effective our costing is!

Securing Doors and Passages Using Bar Doors/Gates

Solutions for either an additional barrier to an existing door, or a single barrier to side alleys and pathways, providing controlled access to your premises.

Security gates and grilles are suitable for commercial and residential property, whether it be for a shop, office, home or basement. Unfortunately, the latter two are commonplace within London and surrounding counties; nevertheless they can be manufactured and adjusted to suit each sustainable living and working application. With each application in mind, gates and grilles are not always installed for the purpose of burglary prevention. In all properties, they can often offer a safety barrier to children or public where vulnerable openings present a threat of falling through.

In terms of security, it is important to find a compromise between accessibility and barricade. For most commercial arrangements, fire regulations and safety officers rightly establish guidelines to ensure that the potential need for an emergency escape is viably maintained. An example of this is an opening grille with a locking mechanism, and a key secured in a fixed place (“break-glass” box secured to a nearby wall). We offer a range of gates and grilles with various design options and advice to fulfil these requirements.

For security gates and grilles, there are two common supply options: “supply and install”, or “supply only”. For the supply only option, you are responsible for providing us with the dimensions of the grille and fitting it. For this reason, we strongly recommend that a competent person with experience in a related field carry out the work.

Our offer of supply and install includes an initial site survey, where an experienced surveyor will visit your property free of charge to take measurements of your windows and give advice. What makes us unique is our surveyors also undertake manufacturing and installation procedures. We find this practice most effective when tackling complicated tasks, and providing trust to our customers.

Crime Rate Security Analytics

With the cooperation of the U.K home office, we have created a system that provides you with local crime information that has been recorded by the police within a mile radius of any given UK address or postcode. We hope this will assist you in making choices about home security, or even in anticipation for relocating yourself to a new area.

Please either type your U.K postcode, or other adequate address detail to populate the map.

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